Top 10 things to do in San Francisco

There are so many things to do in San Francisco, it’s hard to know where to start. Here we take you through our top 10 things to do in San Francisco, so you can make the most of the city on your next visit. Contact Brightsun Travel about our wide range of San Francisco flights from UK, including direct flights from London – perfect for that short city break.

The Embarcadero
You could start your tour of San Francisco by taking an early morning walk along the bayside promenade at Embarcadero that stretches all the way to the Golden Gate Park.

1 The Embarcadero _274051436.jpg

Golden Gate Park & Golden Gate Bridge
Head to the Golden Gate Park and not only will you enjoy spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge, but also some of the best museums, gardens and lakes in the city.

2 Golden Gate Bridge _248795074.jpg

Cable Cars
Getting around San Francisco is easy, with its historic cable cars, an attraction in itself. Head to the Powell St Cable Car Turnaround and watch these lovely old cars being turned around by hand.

3 Cable Cars _521524408.jpg

Fisherman’s Wharf
A tourist hotspot, Fisherman’s Wharf, set on the city’s waterfront, is where you’ll find some interesting museums, like the Musée Mécanique, as well as the Maritime National Historical Park.

4 Fisherman’s Wharf _489374260.jpg

AT&T Park
In San Francisco, you could catch a ball game at the AT&T Park in South Beach, home to the San Francisco Giants, and immerse yourself in sporting culture in the USA.

5 AT&T Park _294097.jpg

Dolores Park
Dolores Park is where locals congregate when the sun is out, on its 6 acres of well-kept lawn. The park also has newly opened tennis courts, and offers amazing views of the city skyline.

6 Dolores Park _290861525.jpg

California Academy of Sciences
The California Academy of Sciences, in the city’s Golden Gate Park, is an enormous rainforest dome providing sanctuary to wildflowers, animals and butterflies.

7 California Academy of Sciences _777540013.jpg

Coit Tower
Coit Tower offers 360-degree views over San Francisco’s incredible city skyline. There is an open-air platform on the top floor, and, on the ground, some fascinating street murals inside hidden stairwells.

8 Coit Tower _52213822.jpg

From San Francisco you could take a day trip by boat to America’s once most notorious prison, Alcatraz, which dates back over 150 years, and the country’s first military prison.

9 Alcatraz  _89649199.jpg

Sierra Nevada & Yosemite National Park
From San Francisco you could explore the surrounding Sierra Nevada region, including the mountainous Yosemite National Park, and gaze at giant Redwood trees from the lush Muir Woods.

10 Sierra Nevada & Yosemite National Park _424821445.jpg

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  1. I’m headed up tomorrow for a work trip, excited to check out a few of these spots! Hopefully we won’t get too much rain, I’d love to check out Coit Tower.

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